KIDS IN ART (KIA) 2022 was a great SUCCESS!!! We had students from 7 schools, including students from Eclectic Love to show case their sculpture and mask making talents. Our students went through an intensive two week training at Eclectic Love, Ho. During the first week, students were taught about African tribal masks as well

Kids In Art- Week One

This week, our KIA participants were trained on how to make collage masterpieces using how to take dried plantain leaves to create a masterpiece. 10 schools (Kabore Complex, A.M.E. Zion Basic School, Ho- Dome E.P. Basic School, Seven Garrison School, Freetown LA Basic School, Regional Model School, Royal Praise Preparatory School, Philip Akpo R.C. School,


Parents of KIA contestants came to hear what Eclectic Love’s Kids In Art Program is all about. They asked questions and registered their son/daughter. Parents encouraged each other to embrace their child’s artistic ability because it helps them academically and socially.