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World Malaria Day in Wumenu: A Celebration of Unity and Progress

On April 25, 2023, Eclectic Love had the extraordinary opportunity to partner with the Volta Regional Health Directorate, Ghana Health Services, and the Adaklu District Ghana Health Services Director, Matthew Adam, for an inspiring and educational World Malaria Day celebration in the vibrant community of Wumenu. United by a common goal, we came together to

Eclectic Love Celebrates International Mother Earth Day with Tree Planting and Environmental Education Program

At Eclectic Love, we recognize the importance of promoting environmental awareness and sustainability, particularly among the youth. This is why we were proud to participate in the International Mother Earth Day celebration, a global campaign aimed at raising awareness about the threats to our planet’s well-being and the need for a just balance between economic,

World Water Day and World Meteorological Day Celebration

On March 23rd of every year, the World Meteorological Day is observed to commemorate the re-establishment of the World Meteorological Organization on the same date in 1950. It recognizes the contributions of meteorological and hydrological services to the safety and well-being of human societies. The event features various activities such as conferences, exhibitions, seminars, and

66th Anniversary Clean-Up Exercise

On Saturday, February 25, 2023 we partook in our first cleanup exercise of the year in collaboration with National Youth Authority (NYA) to help prepare our region for the Independence Day celebration. This year, Ho will host our President #nanaakufoaddo at our new resource center on the Adaklu Road. Eclectic Love had over 45 children

Safer Internet 2023

Safer internet began on Friday, February 10, 2023 and came to an end on Friday, February 24, 2023 with Sir Benjamin and Sir Sam discussing the emerging challenges with the internet. Every Friday, for three weeks, we had over 50 children in our classroom to listen and discuss with us safe ways to use the


As we returned to class on February 6th, we have been enjoying our classes being broken up and being more engaged. Students from various schools have been gathering to attend class as they await for us to build our school. Class today was on addition, squared numbers, and algebraic equations. Our students were thrilled to

World Radio Day

13 February is a date proclaimed by UNESCO to celebrate radio broadcast, improve international cooperation among radio broadcasters and encourage decision-makers to create and provide access to information through radio, including community radios. It’s an occasion to draw attention to the unique value of radio, which remains the medium to reach the widest audience and